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Nichia, Samsung or Seoul SunLike LEDs. Luminous flux 1200 - 4000 lm per meter, up to 200.000 h lifetime
Professional Nichia LED Strips, up to 2700 lm / m, 5 year warranty
FlexOne Flexible LED Strips, can be cut at each LED, light output up to 3800 lm / m
Flexible Professional LED Strip LumiFlex700 LED Toshiba-SSC SunLike TRI-R CRI97  , luminous flux up to 1800 lm / m
Professional SlimFlex Nichia LED Strips, 5mm width, 100.000 hours lifetime, flux up to 2200 lm/m
Modules with 56 cm or 28 cm length with Nichia, Optisolis and SunLike LEDs
Professional LinearZ Modules with Toshiba-SSC SunLike TRI-R LED CRI97  , Plug & Play Zhaga, flux up to 2600 lm / m
Professional LinearZ LED Strip with Nichia Optisolis, Solar White CRI98  , Plug & Play Zhaga, 3600 lm / m
Professional LinearZ LED modules, Plug & Play Zhaga, luminous flux up to 4100 lm / m
Professional LinearZ LED module Nichia Optisolis, White Solar CRI98  , Plug & Play Zhaga, 3600 lm / m

HIGHLIGHTS: LED STRIPS & MODULES with spectrum like daylight, CRI98+ with Toshiba SunLike and Nichia Optisolis

The worlds first LEDs to produce light that closely matches the spectrum of natural sunlight. With luminous flux up to 5000 lm per meter you can bring Human-Centric Lighting to your space
SunLike LED strips with spectrum of Light Closest to the Sun
TRI-R is the technology that recreates natural spectrum with the combination of cutting-edge LED technology and phosphor of patented technology.
- for residential use, ultra-high flux lighting fixtures or wide-area backlighting-
Professional Multibar Nichia LED Strips, Plug & Play, CRI90 , flux up to 1500 lm/m
Professional BackMatrix Nichia LED modules, up to 39,000 lm / square meter
Professional MiniMatrix LED Nichia module, up to 80,000 lm / square meter
Professional Maxline LED Strips, Plug & Play, luminous flux up to 8000 lm / m
Nichia and Cree are the world LED best known high power LED makers. We supply Nichia or Cree LEDs on modules with high quality PCB, made in Germany, for projects of all sizes that require easy & fast installation
Cree and Nichia LEDs on Star or 1x1cm Square PCB
Professional PowerBar modules, up to 11,000 lm / m, white, color and UV light
Professional SmartArray LED Modules Nichia, for illuminating bodies
Professional Conext LED Modules, Click & Play for freedom of shape and color
Discover our LED module factory in Germany
We offer up to 7 years warranty for our LED strips and Modules
Kill viruses and COVID-19 with light. Make indoor life more pleasant with plants and sunlike light.
Kill viruses and COVID-19 with light.
Grow plants 50% better with special white light
Improve your lighting with Sunlike LED strips