PowerBar multi-LED Modules with lens (4000-11000 lm/m)

Professional PowerBar LED modules, up to 11.000 lm / m, white, color and UV light

PowerBar, compact and extremely bright modules
Compact but powerful, the PowerBar LED modules are perfect for plant growth

The PowerBar V3 modules are compact and ultra bright, being designed for applications where a lot of light is needed per square meter, such as plant growth, medical, industry, commercial or architectural lighting. A PowerBar V3 module is 28 cm long, equipped with 12 high power LEDs from Osram or Nichia and can be segmented at each LED.

You can choose PowerBar with white, color, infrared and ultraviolet light and together with lens systems, radiator, lens and clamps, you can immediately build a linear beam projector with up to 3300 lm, 9180 mW (infrared) or 17040 mW (for ultraviolet).

PowerBar V3 versions:

  • PowerBar V3 White: 3000K White, 4000K or 5700K LED Osram Oslon SSL Square
  • PowerBar V3 color: blue, red, green, yellow, amber LED Osram Oslon SSL 150
  • PowerBar V3 ultra-red: ultra-red (660nm), hyper-red (730nm) and infrared IR (850nm) with Osram Oslon SSL or Oslon Black
  • PowerBar V3 UV: 365nm, 385nm or 405nm ultraviolet LED

All PowerBar modules operate at a constant current of 700mA, a standard value for which a driver is easy to find.

The investment is protected under the 5 year warranty for all PowerBar models.

Applications for PowerBar modules:

  • Compact but very bright luminaires
  • Horticulture, plant growth
  • Medical equipment
  • Specific applications for UV (ultraviolet) light: printing, inspection, print or money checking, gluing, fixing etc.
  • Illuminated in detail
  • Illuminated showcases
  • Architectural lighting through columns of light

PowerBarV3 LED Modules

PowerBarV3 LED Module
PowerBar V3 Blue LED Light Modules

PowerBar LED Module Documentation with Osram or Nichia LEDs

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