LumiBar Horticulture Nichia Rsp0A LED Modules 50 PPF/m

Professional Nichia Rsp0A LED Strips for Plant Growth (Horticulture), light output up to 2900 lm/m or 50 PPF/m

Nichia LED strips for horticulture
White special light for plant growth

LEDs are the most versatile light sources invented. Each feature can be designed and built according to its final purpose: functional light for decades, low power consumption, light shade or color, etc.

The Nichia Innovation adds a new purpose: optimal plant growth in greenhouses or enclosed spaces.

Nichia 757 Rsp0a LEDs with white light have a special spectrum for plant growth. Furthermore, by choosing the white light between 3000K (more red) and 5000K (more blue), you can choose from a more pleasant (3000K) look or faster (5000K) growth of the illuminated plants.

Difference between Nichia Rsp0A LEDs and other solutions for horticulture

Plants under the lighting with Nichia 757 Rsp0a White LEDs for horticulture grow up to 50% more than conventional light, including standard white LEDs, a combination of red and blue LEDs or a fluorescent tube. In addition, the energy consumption is lower. 

The LumiBar is an easy-to-install light source for best results in plant growth, equipped with Nichia Rsp0A LEDs and built in standard Plug & Play Zhaga format, with lenght of 52 cm.

As of 09.2022, the LumiBar Nichia Rsp0A LED strips are available only with MOQ from 100 pcs, with custom Logo, as per the customer preference.

One meter of the LumiBar 52 LED strip provides a flux of white light for horticulture of 50 PPF or 2800 lm (250W equivalent) at a consumption of only 24 watts and using only 92 Nichia LEDs.

For luminaires with a length of more than 52 cm, you can choose the LumiBar 26 LED with a luminous flux of up to 2600 lm / m.

A fixture that uses modules in Zhaga's standard form and connection can be maintained or updated with future LED strips, also from other manufacturers. LumiBar 52 complies with Zhaga Book 7 L56W2 and LumiBar 26 Book 7 L28W2.

LumiBar modules use a Plug & Play power system that allows wires to connect without using a soldering gun and are available in the constant current version for the highest energy efficiency.

The investment in the Nichia modules is secure, with a 5 years guarantee.

Applications for LumiBar LEDs Nichia Rsp0a:

  • Full spectrum lighting for plant growth
  • Production of compact and bright luminaires for greenhouses
  • Maintenance or updating of luminaires using standard Zhaga LED modules (Book 7 L56W2 and L28W2)

For plant growth certain PPFD values are required. Below you will find information about how many PPFD can result from 100 PPF, from distance 10 to 100 cm. More information about horticulture lighting you find in our blog, at this link.


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