MaxLine4080 Nichia LED Modules Aluminum PCB 2800-8000 lm/m

Professional Maxline Nichia LED Strips, 100.000 hours lifetime, Plug & Play, flux up to 8000 lm/m

LED strips Nichia 757: Maxline with light output up to 8000 lm / m
Nichia 757: Maxline LED light strips with light output up to 8000 lm / m for luminaire production

Maxline LED Nichia Strips: Ultra high Brightness

In our Maxline LED Nichia Strips  state-of-the-art technology meets seamless design. Built on an aluminum PCB, these LED strips magnify the exceptional attributes of the top-tier Nichia 757G series, delivering unprecedented brightness and durability.

Top Features:

  1. Unrivaled Luminosity: The Maxline-70-4080 LED strip offers a staggering 7700 lm per meter, akin to the brightness of a 700W traditional bulb, all while consuming just 49 watts. With 250 Nichia 757G LEDs powering this, you're assured intense brightness.

  2. Extended Longevity: With a lifespan exceeding 100,000 hours, Maxline ensures continuous and reliable illumination, reducing the need for replacements and maintenance.

  3. Versatility:

    • Maxline-70-4080: For spaces requiring the brightest illumination, up to 8000 lm/m.
    • Maxline-35-4080: Suitable for general or commercial lighting, this variant offers up to 4000 lm/m from 125 LEDs.

  4. Easy Installation: The Maxline series adopts the Plug & Play power system, eliminating the need for a soldering gun. Installation is as simple as connecting cables.

  5. Power Options: Users can choose between:

    • Constant Voltage Maxline: Perfect for extended setups, this variant runs on a 24V supply.

    • Maxline Constant Current: Prioritizing energy efficiency, this is the choice for those mindful of consumption.

  6. Value for Money: Backed by a 5-year warranty and designed to last over 100,000 hours, Maxline promises durability. This coupled with its energy efficiency ensures a swift return on your investment.


  • Bright and Compact Luminaires: Maxline strips are ideal for crafting luminaires that stand out due to their compactness and brilliance.

  • Showcase Lighting: Make your products pop with unparalleled brightness, ensuring they capture attention.

  • Diverse Settings: Whether it's retail stores, offices, TV studios, or medical clinics, Maxline strips deliver the required luminosity and create the right ambiance.

Maxline LED Nichia Strips are more than just lighting solutions; they are a testament to what modern LED technology can achieve. Whether you’re illuminating vast commercial spaces or need targeted brightness for specific products, Maxline has got you covered. Invest in the future of lighting with Maxline.

Maxline-70-4080 LED Strips, 8000 lm / m

Maxline-35-4080 LED Strips, 3800 lm / m

Maxline Nichia LED strip documentation

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Nichia LED Technical Data Sheet

Lifetime test: 10,000 hours

The Nichia quality difference

The Japanese company Nichia has the largest LED market share in the world (over 25%) and the longest experience in the field. Nichia researchers invented the blue and white LEDs, receiving the Nobel Prize for this achievement.

The very long life of Nichia 757G LEDs (minimum 100,000 hours), high operating temperature resistance, superior light output and good light quality are just a few of the attributes that recommend them for long-lasting use in a wide range of projects.

We are a specialist of high performance LED light solutions. As part of the early success of LEDs we have extensive application knowledge from a wide range of sectors. Since 2010, we have developed and produced NICHIA LED strips in a state-of-the-art production facility in Germany. These strips have been used successfully in a wide range of application and developed specifically to meet customer specifications.

The difference between the quality and performance of a Maxline LED strip with Nichia LEDs and a common LED light is very visible at first light and increases over time.

1) Long lasting light flux

After 10,000 hours of operation, a Nichia 757G LED is as bright as it is the beginning, as it keeps 97% of its initial luminous flux. Nichia's experience, material quality and unique package design make this performance possible. In most applications, the effective lifetime will be at least 60,000 hours for high operating temperatures or 100,000 hours in normal environments. After this interval, the strip still illuminates, with 80% of the initial brightness.

In contrast, an inexpensive LED loses up to 60% of its initial light over the same period, which is one of the main consequences of the low cost of production.

The Nichia 757G LEDs are certified and tested for 10,000 hours, according to the LM-80 standard. On this basis, lifetime (light to 80%) is calculated according to TM-21 methodology.

The evolution of Nichia LED light output compared to an inexpensive LED: after 10,000 hours

2) Nichia 757G LEDs in a batch have the same color temperature of white, which is stable in time

On the Maxline module, all Nichia LEDs have the same color temperature, identical with all LED strips in the present or future delivery. This is possible due to the 3 Macadam Elipse sorting standard.

After many hours of operation, due to the Nichia quality, the 757G LEDs have the same hue as the acquisition.

In contrast, on a low budget tape, the LEDs may have several shades, or the difference in shade between two reels may be significant. The requirement that the shade in a next order is the same is impossible to accomplish. The reason is the lack of a post-production sorting standard (a price-increasing standard). Moreover, after just a few thousand hours, each LED on the cheap strip changes its hue.

A Nichia LED uses the 3 Step Macadam Elipse sorting standard and keeps the same color temperature in time

3) The Nichia 757G LED is up to 5 times more energy efficient

Depending on the technology used, LEDs can have a different luminous flux even if the power consumption is the same. The difference in light efficacy (lumens per watt) from one LED to another may be even 500% and has a very high influence on the production price. The Nichia 757G LEDs have the highest efficacy on the market, of more than 200 lumens per watt compared to an inexpensive LED that has about 50 lumens per watt.

In other words, a Maxline70 meter of 40W is as bright as ten meters of the 14.4W / m strip with cheap 5050 LEDs (total consumption of 144W per meter). After 10,000 hours, the Maxline70 tape will become as bright as twenty meters of cheap LED light because the latter's light diminishes over time.

Nichia LEDs are much brighter for the same power consumption

4) Nichia 757 LED has very good light quality

The Maxline wand uses Nichia 757G LEDs with natural light spectrum and CRI80 + color rendering index for accurate color perception. The cheap LEDs on the market have a CRI of 70 or less that greatly distorts color shades, especially warm colors (red, orange, brown, etc.).

The Maxline LED light has a good light quality, CRI80 + for a correct color perception

The Maxline LED light has a good light quality, CRI80 + for good color perception

A cheap LED strip has poor light quality, CRI <70

A cheap LED strip has a poor quality of light that distorts color perception

Accessories for LED modules & strips

Maxline Nichia LED strips can be combined with profiles to produce compact and very bright luminaires. The quality of the profiles in our offer is the highest, being destined for the German market.

The Maxline module has aluminum PCB for efficient LED cooling in combination with the profiles below.

Alumax Profile for Maxline LED Strips

Radiator and accessories for Maxline70 and Maxline35

24V Transformers for Maxline constant voltage

Constant current drivers for Maxline modules