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Nichia LEDs color temperature sorting: Explained

White light has different shades: warm white light for LEDs has a value of 2500K-4000K on the color temperature scale, pure white 4000K-5000K and cold white 5000K-10.000K.

Nichia warm white LEDs just out of the production line can have a color temperature between 2580K and 4260K.  If they would be directly integrated into strips or luminaries they will yield color inconsistent products that are generally unusable. 

To overcome this problem, Nichia LEDs are color sorted, grouped in batches known as "Chromaticity Bins". Nichia, groups white LEDs in many Bins, thus allowing very good control of the white light color of your project.

The Nichia Bins for new generation LEDs start with the letters "sm" followed by a series of numbers, where the first two describe the color temperature (65 as in 6500K) while the last two narrow down the selection interval.

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LED lighting luminous efficacy: Explained

LED Luminous efficacy measures how effective a light source produces visible light. For LEDs, it is the ratio of luminous flux to electric power.

The highest luminous efficacy today is 220 lumen/watt from the Nichia 757G LEDs with many other manufacturers offering LEDs in the 120-180 lumens per watt range. Low cost LEDs have an efficacy as low as 50 lumens per watt.

Top performance LED High Performance LED Good Performance LED Low Performance LED
220 lm/W 150-200 lm/W 100-149 lm/W 50-99 lm/W

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